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Hidden Room

This vessel is 12.5cm high by 9cm wide and 4mm thick

Cutting and cleaning the top 1hrs

Hand engraving the imagery 6hrs


This is a recycled spirit bottle.

The top has been separated using a tabletop diamond scorer; the heat is applied using a blow torch to thermal shock the glass allowing the undesired part to be removed.

The new top is then sanded on a rotary sander using finer grades until a high standard of finish has been acquired.

The glass is then ready for its 6 hours transformation into a collectable piece of glass artwork.

The room that has the appearance of twisting was hand engraved first. I then followed up with the branches and then went through the time consuming phase of hand engraving each and every leaf.


This is a one off, unique piece. Even if I was to attempt to reproduce this imagery, no single line would ever match. With this in mind, the fact this is the first of this design makes this vessel very special and rare.

Hidden Room

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