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It's nice to get a commission, This was completed before Christmas 2022.

Rather challenging given not just the bright work on the horse but the portrait of this gentleman.

The vase is a crystal vessel that just over 30cm tall. the work took a number of days however this customer was so proud of my work he has given me permission to display this for you to see.


This glass was engraved by me just to see if I could.

It took me, on and off, about a month to complete.

Every individual stone has been painstakingly and singly carved into the glass, every effort was made to make this glass look like the local pub in Beaford.

This is one of my early pieces of work.

Each heart was cut by hand using my Dremel and a diamond cutting disc.

Comprising of the bottom part of a cider demijohn, first this vessel needed the top removed, only then could I continue with this project. Nice example of reclaimed glass


It was great to be asked to do this one,

there were many challenges which it would appear I managed to overcome, the shading and detail on this finished glass surpassed all my expectations.

More interesting pictures

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